5D D Curl Premade Volume Mix Tray

5D D Curl Premade Volume Mix Tray

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Extremely Black

Best quality 5D pre made fan lash now in the market,  much darker and softer , hot selling 🔥

Short stem


Each pre made fan is hand made (the whole process is called 'Heat Bonded') without any glue placed on the fan and is held together & bonded by heat during the manufacturing process and then placed on the tray on a special form of double sided sticky tape. (Basically someone has done all the hard work for you and made your volume fans.)

  • Product Info

    • Available in D Curl
    • Hand Made 0.10mm 
    • Stocking Size MIX 
    • Short/Thin Base – Beautiful Wide Fans
    • No Animal Testing & Cruelty Free Products